Knowing. Connecting. Succeeding.

Meducom's philosophy centres on these three words:

Knowing (Know-how):

  • Medical scientific – broad and detailed
  • Basis of all Meducom services
  • Primary characteristic of our clients’ products and services

Connecting (Reaching and connecting people):

  • Medical education – create common ground through shared insights
  • Medical communication – make knowledge accessible with a transparent message

Succeeding (Success):

  • Your and our driver
  • Create maximum value for our clients
  • Innovate – continuously improve and reinvent products and services

Challenges are never standard, neither are solutions.

Meducom’s approach is always tailor-made and personal.

With our mix of Medical science and knowledge of the market, healthcare, our clients, expectations of their target audiences, and Our passion

it is our mission and ambition to contribute to the success of your product or service.

Do you like our philosophy?
Then please contact us using the contact form or call us at +31 (0)229 561688.

Your Success

The Success of Your Product or Service

The success of your product or service in the medical market depends on many factors. Three of them are in your own hand:

  • Efficacy
  • Safety
  • Information

In addition to efficacy and safety, market share largely depends on the quality of your product information and how the market receives it. This information must always be powerful and transparent; your Unique Selling Points (USPs) should convincingly differentiate your product from the competition.

Your healthcare services are perhaps no tangible product, but must also be demonstrably “effective” and “safe”. In addition to your information about these services, your success relies, often more so than with a physical product, on the quality of personal interaction.

This process always involves two perspectives:

Your Perspective

Customer Perspective

Your product/service
+ Your know-how
+ Your differentiation
= Your market share
Your product/service
+ your information
+ their perception
= choice for your product/service

Your market share faces constant pressure from the evolving state of science, available information, and perceptions in the market. You must respond by using your USPs to anticipate all these factors. That, however, is easier said than done.

How Does Meducom Help?

  • Training: enhance your workforce’s know-how, and thereby their impact on your customers (medical education)
  • Information: create a powerful and consistent message to your external environment; chair (international) advisory councils, symposia and conferences to build bridges between stakeholders (medical communication)

Parties in the medical sector in particular have a great need for medical support on an academic level. In this setting, Meducom offers a package of services for internal support and external information. We help your staff succeed in perfectly positioning and supporting your product or service in the market.

Meducom’s professional services are tailor-made and characterised by a personal approach, outstanding quality and accessible, medically correct information.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you, or does your customer need transparent, accessible medical information?
  • Does your company require specific or even individualised, custom-designed medical training programmes?
  • Do you want to increase the impact of your customer-facing workforce and products?
  • Would you like to have an independent, external expert critically review your product information, training programmes or external communication and receive refreshing suggestions for improvement?

If the answer to one of these questions is “yes” or “that sounds good”, please contact us. We will be happy to plan a meeting and lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial collaboration. We will analyse your product or service in the market and then work with you to see if and where you can do better.

Meducom’s Transparent Philosophy

Product/service + Medical education + Medical communication = Success

Our Clients

The best evidence that our clients value the Meducom way is that they keep coming back!

We currently work with various clients from the medical and pharmaceutical industry, training institutes, hospitals, general practitioners and other health care parties.

Our clients operate on a national and international level. Also our guest speakers and (conference) participants are from within the Netherlands and abroad.

Meducom would like to list its clients to give you a better idea of our organisation. But because we favour collaboration in an atmosphere of confidentiality with our clients, we will not mention these companies and organisations here.

Go to Testimonials to read some of the responses we were pleased to receive from our clients.

Interested in our value proposition? Then by all means contact us. We look forward to working with you!


Wilko Coers (owner and founder of Meducom) considers his clients coming back to him with additional business the greatest compliment they can give.

Client Testimonials:

“I can absolutely vouch for the wonderful training skills of Wilko Coers in the field of medicine and physiology!” (client)

“…brilliant new concept for our meeting” (client)

“I really liked the format [of the workshop]. It is always difficult to tailor a presentation to a specific audience. In this format, the participants were engaged at all times so that the presenters easily met the learning needs of the participants.” (guest speaker, international event)

“…[the event was] well organized. I felt fully informed and briefed. All travel arrangements well organized. Enjoyed participating in the event.” (guest speaker, international event)

“…would like to thank you for your wise counsel and practical suggestions…” (client)

“razor-sharp analysis…delivered to-the-point action plan” (client)

“I’ll mis my favourite tutor!” (training participant; client)

Why Meducom is Your Logical Option?

  • Meducom understands your product/service and speaks your language
  • Meducom integrates and streamlines your internal and external messages.
  • Each product, each company and each employee is unique. That is why Meducom tailors deliverables to need, objective and job role
  • We make medical information accessible. Meducom develops educational programs for people with no prior medical background or training, and specifically patients also
  • Meducom has many years of experience and broad expertise in:
    • Various medical fields and indications (especially oncology and biologicals)
    • Medical education for various audiences
    • The (international) pharma industry
    • (International) medical communication
  • Our know-how and passion make the difference!

Meducom is your preferred education and communication partner for companies and institutions in the medical sector.


Most of our colleagues work from their home offices, reducing travel commuting time and allowing them to work on their projects at times that are most optimal for them and for their clients.

We use flexible work times (both time and duration), and travel to the office when necessary for face-to-face discussion opportunities (internal planning meetings, brainstorm sessions, etc). Our communication (telephone) lines are short, which, supported by internet and email, leads to a highly effective (virtual) work space.

In addition to this, Meducom has taken its environmental responsibility by relying on solar energy.

Our solar panels generate sufficient electricity on a yearly basis to keep our head office up and running at all times. Our aim is to hereby reduce Meducom’s ecological footprint to a minimum.

We have chosen to locate our company in a rural environment, which implies that our colleagues and guests cannot depend on public transportation to come to the office.

Every step to improve sustainability counts! We therefore decided to lower the threshold of using hybrid/electric cars to come to the office, by installing an automated charging point. This point allows to charge at 3.7 kW/hour, which is sufficient to recharge the car battery during the working day.

The Organisation

Background Meducom B.V.

Dr. Wilko Coers is the founder and Managing Director of Meducom.

Wilko has built Meducom on a clear philosophy. In his experience, many organisations and companies have a great need for high-quality services that are closely linked to their product, activities and portfolio, but this need is too often unmet.

Wilko is a person of many abilities and combines ten years of academic medical research with many years of experience in the national and international pharmaceutical and medical communication business. He understands clients’ requirements and speaks their language. He is a stimulating, passionate and critical professional, who thrives on passing his enthusiasm onto others in his effective, light-hearted manner. For more details, please email him at

The Employees and Their Expertise at Meducom:

Meducom prides itself on its team of carefully selected professionals.
They not only bring a wealth of expertise to the company, but are also
innovative, energetic and passionate. Their creative spirit helps them
to think “outside the box” when required.
The team’s expertise
covers many areas. Some of these are listed below.
General Specific
Renal diseases Chronic renal failure, diabetes
Pulmonary diseases Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Cardiovascular diseases Dyslipidaemias, diabetes
Transplantation Kidney-, liver and lung transplantation and rejection
Oncology General, breast cancer, lung- and coloncancer,
haematological malignancies
Lipid metabolism disorders Hypercholesterolaemia, obesity
Biopharmaceuticals Scientific, manufacturing and regulatory knowledge
on biological drugs and their biosimilars
Immunology Allergy, auto-immune diseases
Infectious diseases HIV, AIDS, HCV
Musculoskeletal disorders Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis
Psychiatry Dementia, schizophrenia
Neurology Epilepsy, migraine

In addition to the above, Meducom’s specialists have also other areas of expertise. If you would like to know more about this, please contact us.

Dr. Wilko Coers
Founder and Managing Director of Meducom.