Transfer Knowledge Clearly and Effectively

Never has effective medical communication been so vital! More information is made available every day, e.g. through the Internet.

Demand for this information is also growing, in part as a result of the growing insistence among patients to be actively involved in their diagnosis and treatment. Riding the information wave is becoming increasingly challenging. Even if the correct information is located, it is only rarely accessible and understandable to lay people.

With so much (complex) information available to everyone, your audiences may easily get the wrong message and make decisions based on wrong facts. This calls for custom solutions for optimal external communication, aligned with your Unique Selling Points (USPs).

Meducom seamlessly merges all the “need to knows” about your product or service into medical communication that gets a powerful message across to your audiences.

How Do We Operate?

Each product, service, company and audience is unique.

That is why Meducom delivers custom communication solutions, fully geared to your needs and objectives.

We can help by:

  • Formulating a compelling communication recommendation on the basis of your product or service USPs
  • Creating or producing folders, brochures and product presentations
  • Supporting or creating presentations, speeches or lectures
  • Organising, presenting, moderating or chairing discussions during advisory councils or high-profile medical scientific events
  • Providing additional medical communication advice:
    • Analyse materials with recommendations for use
    • Analyse and review medical information (literature, books, websites) on an ad hoc or permanent basis
    • Write reports for conferences or other medical events
    • Compile medical scientific files for external communication, e.g. (regulatory) authorities
    • Handle general medical information
    • Provide competitive intelligence

If you would like more information about the services or options for spot-on medical communication, please contact us: through our website (click here for the contact form), by email, or telephone (+31 (0)229-561 688). We’ll be more than pleased to help!